About us

We started Clouve because of a challenge we were facing as a small business. We had two choices when it came to scaling our IT department. First, we wanted to hire a full-time IT professional or consultant, which was prohibitively expensive. Second, we could have done everything ourselves, spending valuable time. We thought, as cloud experts, we are running into these challenges. What about others who are researching for the best IT solutions? They might make critical mistakes along the way that will stall their growth or affect their bottom line. That is how we came to be.
Our subscription-based IT model allows your business to have professional, secure, and flexible IT services; all at a fraction of the cost of outsourcing. You need secure, robust IT systems for your business to grow and flourish. We work with cloud service providers to deliver the best strategy, so you can scale at your own pace.
Our ticket-based system means you can choose the right plan to meet your business needs. We help you establish, migrate, and maintain secure systems so your business can run seamlessly.
Clouve is a mix between “Cloud + Solve” – because that is what we do. We harvest the power of the cloud to solve IT problems efficiently and intelligently.

We’re looking forward to helping you grow!