Clouve is a dynamic marketplace that connects business application developers with users who need them. Embracing the innovative Bring Your Own Application (BYOA) model, developers can partner with us to feature their applications on our platform, making them readily accessible to a diverse clientele. At Clouve, we ensure that every application hosted on our marketplace seamlessly operates on our robust infrastructure, designed to deliver outstanding scalability, reliability, and security right from the start. In addition, we offer an integrated Help Desk, staffed by both AI and human experts, providing round-the-clock assistance to track, manage, and resolve customer support queries efficiently and effectively.


At our core, we cultivate enduring partnerships with our clients, diligently safeguarding their priceless assets for the long haul.


Our unwavering commitment to ethical excellence permeates every facet of our business. Our core values—integrity, transparency, and honesty—guide our actions and define our success.



Our relentless pursuit of cutting-edge technologies, innovative methodologies, and transformative solutions enhances our cloud-based IT services.

Sandra Norderhaug

Founder & CEO

Dr. Sandra Norderhaug, with a PhD in Education from Aalborg University and an extensive background in medicine and business, is a distinguished leader in the academic sector with over 30 years of experience in Europe and the U.S. She has held significant roles such as Chief Academic Officer at American Tech and Management University in California. Dr. Norderhaug specializes in aiding new universities achieve their operational goals, securing state licenses and accreditations swiftly through her consultancy, Expert Education Consultants, where she serves as CEO and has assisted over 48 institutions in establishing and accrediting their programs.

Richard Norderhaug


Richard serves as both Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technology Officer at Expert Education Consultants, overseeing business operations, client success, IT, and the strategic growth initiatives of the company. With over 25 years of experience in the IT industry, including roles at Fortune 500 companies like Bank of America and Hewlett Packard, he has deep expertise in software and cloud solutions. His technical skills span cloud computing platforms like AWS and Azure, system integration, and internet security systems, ensuring the delivery of high-quality and secure solutions for clients.

Amgad (AJ) Youssef


AJ is a seasoned Software Engineer with a rich history at prestigious companies like Apple, JPMorgan Chase, HP, and IBM. AJ is driven by a mission to democratize cloud technology, ensuring that startups and small businesses can easily access affordable, high-quality cloud solutions. AJ’s educational background from the University of Nottingham and his contributions to open-source projects highlight his commitment to continuous learning and community involvement.